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Empowering Students to Identify
Their Employable Skills

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Discover Your Strengths

Gain insights into your skills and abilities

Easily track and visualize your skills based on completed courses and projects. Understand your strengths and identify areas for growth, all in one place.
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Your Personal Journey

Showcase your background and accomplishments

Create a profile that highlights your unique journey. Share your academic history, personal achievements, and professional aspirations with ease.
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Share Your Projects

Showcase your work and grow your skills

Post and share your skill-developing projects with peers. Engage with the community to enhance your learning experience.
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Find Your Future

Discover programs and careers that match your skills

Explore a variety of academic programs and career opportunities tailored to your skillset. Find the paths that align with your goals and take the next step in your journey.
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Track Your Progress

Monitor your growth and achievements

Keep tabs on your academic and career advancements. Easily track your progress in different programs and careers, ensuring you stay on course towards your goals.

Precision in Skill Matching

Skillco is committed to diligently curating the optimal matches for your skill set. With a growing community of over 300 users, we tirelessly strive to provide unparalleled data-driven insights for students. Our mission is to meticulously gather and analyze information on skills, education, and the workforce, enabling us to facilitate powerful alignments for an unparalleled student experience focused on skill-based outcomes.

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Of employers prioritize skills over degrees when hiring

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Of students who receive personalized academic advice are more likely to graduate on time










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Common queries for students, educators, or potential employers regarding Skillco's innovative platform. Discover how Skillco can elevate your educational journey, streamline academic processes, and bridge the gap between education and industry demands.

What is Skillco and what does it do?

Skillco is a cutting-edge software that analyzes transcripts, allocates completed courses to a comprehensive skill set, and provides personalized recommendations for degree programs. Our goal is to help individuals develop the skills needed for their desired job through skill-based hiring practices.

How does Skillco work?

Our software uses advanced algorithms to analyze transcripts and identify the skills acquired through completed courses. It then matches these skills with the requirements of various jobs, providing users with a detailed skill set. Based on this analysis, we recommend degree programs that align with the skills required for their desired job.

What sets Skillco apart from other educational tools?

Skillco stands out by focusing on skill-based hiring. Instead of traditional degree-centric approaches, we prioritize the skills individuals have acquired and guide them towards degrees that enhance those skills, making them more qualified for their desired job.

How accurate are the skill set recommendations provided by Skillco?

Our recommendations are based on advanced algorithms and data analytics. While we strive for accuracy, it's important to note that individual results may vary. We continually refine our algorithms to improve accuracy and provide the most relevant recommendations.

Can Skillco be used by both students and professionals?

Absolutely! Whether you're a student looking to plan your educational path or a professional seeking to enhance your skills for career advancement, Skillco is designed to cater to individuals at various stages of their education and career journey.

Is Skillco compatible with different educational institutions and courses?

Skillco is designed to work with transcripts from a wide range of educational institutions and courses. Currently we serve Utah Valley University while creating partnerships with more institutions regularly. Our platform is adaptable and can accommodate diverse learning experiences to provide comprehensive skill assessments.

How do I get started with Skillco?

To get started, simply sign up on our platform, upload your transcripts, and let Skillco do the rest. Our intuitive interface will guide you through the process, and you'll receive personalized recommendations tailored to your unique skill set.

Can I use Skillco for career planning even if I haven't completed any courses yet?

Yes, Skillco can be a valuable tool for early career planning. By inputting your intended or completed courses, you can receive insights into the skills you're likely to develop and make informed decisions about your educational path.

Is my personal information secure with Skillco?

We take data security seriously. Your personal information and transcripts are handled with the utmost confidentiality and adhere to strict privacy and security measures. You can refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.

How often is Skillco updated to reflect changes in the job market and educational landscape?

We regularly update our algorithms to stay current with evolving job market trends and educational offerings. Our commitment is to provide users with the most up-to-date and relevant information to support their educational and career goals.

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