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Welcome to Our Dedicated Team. Skillco's team embodies a dedication to empowering students throughout their academic and professional journey. Centered on skill-based learning, our team is driven to create intuitive solutions that pave the way for student success. With passion and a commitment to excellence, we strive to redefine the trajectory of education, ensuring that every student can achieve their full potential.
Image of Steve Lockhart
Steve Lockhart
Role - Founder
Born in Provo, Utah, Steve Lockhart has experienced the public education and higher education systems. After graduating High School in 2014 he went on a two-year ecclesiastical service opportunity to the state of Virginia. Upon his return to Utah, he enrolled into Utah Valley University. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in Finance and a double minor in Economics and Business Management. Steve grew up with a family that loved their community. After college graduation he began a career in Government Relations. He continues to build relationships with Utah's local, state and federal elected officials. His primary focus is to build a network of learning opportunities that will reach all corners of the world and help those who can't, access and attain the right education based upon the skill sets that individuals desire.
Image of Jackson Lohman
Jackson Lohman
Role - Principal Developer
Growing up in Phoenix, Arizona, Jackson has always been interested in technology and competitions. Most of his time outside of school was spent between mountain bike racing, scouts and building or taking things apart. This led to an interest in computers where he collected and rebuilt anything he could get. Jackson spent the last 2 years of highschool contracting part-time on computer projects for Utah based companies. Recently, He returned to his birth state in Utah to study Computer Science at Utah Valley University. Jackson was working on his own startup but shelved it when he met Steve and has seen Skillco’s potential to change the world.
Image of Seth Rea
Seth Rea
Role - Project Management
Seth recently graduated from Utah Valley University. He originally worked as Skillco's project manager and helped us accomplish a lot before moving up into his current role. Now, helps manage all of the project managers in the e2i program. He is a great asset to the team and we are lucky to have him!
image of Josh Yates
Josh Yates
Role - User Experience Designer
From an early age, Josh's fascination with understanding how things interconnect and his innate problem-solving drive set him apart. His transformative experience at UVU, immersing himself in the world of UX/UI design, ignited a passion that he now channels into his role at Skillco. Josh infuses his passion for probl5em-solving into making Skillco a seamless yet potent tool for students' academic and career success. By blending usability with robust functionality, Josh is dedicated to empowering students to navigate their educational journey with ease, paving the way for meaningful career opportunities.
image of Josh Yates
Kaycie Goodman
Role - Senior Software Engineer
As a seasoned software engineer with a decade of experience in the software development industry, I specialize in web development with a strong proficiency in Python and the Django web framework, aligning perfectly with our current tech stack. My expertise extends to designing robust web applications following industry standards, leading teams to deliver innovative solutions that improve customer experiences and streamline business processes. With a proven track record in mentoring junior engineers and fostering cross-team collaboration, I thrive in diverse work environments, from startups to large corporations, adept at navigating local, hybrid, and remote team dynamics.


E2i unlocks a unique gateway for UVU students, empowering them to integrate their skills into real-world industry settings. As valued members of Skillco's team, they not only gain invaluable experience but also contribute significantly to Skillco's mission of bridging the gap between academia and professional practice. Through hands-on involvement, they immerse themselves in industry tools and best practices, playing an integral role in Skillco's endeavor to enhance the student experience.
Image of Madelyn Rupprecht
Madelyn Rupprecht
Role - Software Engineer
Madelyn Rupprecht is a student at Utah Valley University. She is studying Computer Science and Personal Financial Planning in order to pursue a career in software development and/or FinTech. Madelyn graduated from Herriman High School in 2022 where she won many awards including Sterling Scholar - Skills and Technical Sciences and State Winner - Aspirations Women in Computing. She also won the National Champion title at FBLA Nationals 2022 after taking 1st place in Mobile Application Development. Madelyn currently works 2 jobs at UVU - one of which is a Computer Lab Assistant, and the other a Software Engineer for Skillco through the e2i program. In her free time, Madelyn loves to read and do karate.
Image of Chris Predovich
Chris Predovich
Role - Software Engineer
Born and raised in Northern California, Chris Predovich developed a love for technology early in life. He attributes his love and aptitude for computers to his teachers and his mother who advocated for tech early adoption programs within the school district where she also raised Chris and his three siblings. As a result of the tech programs, Chris enjoyed STEM classes all throughout his early education. After gaining work experience with companies like Apple and Verizon, Chris's passion for using technology to solve real world problems led him back to college where he currently studies Information Systems and Technology at Utah Valley University.
Image of Gabriel Darlington
Gabriel Darlington
Role - Application Security Engineer
Shortly after he was born, Gabriel moved with his family to Taipei,Taiwan and eventually Shanghai, China. There he experienced an international upbringing. After moving back to Utah, he became interested in computers. Currently a 3rd year student at UVU, he is studying IT security. As cybersecurity club president Gabriel has taught many lectures on protecting computer systems. Gabriel is excited to use his knowledge to build a company that will benefit many peoples’ lives.
Image Of Seth Morris
Seth Morris
Role - Project Manager
Seth grew up in Draper, Utah and grduated from Corner Canyon High School in 2018. Technology has always been fascinating to him, and that has been his degree of study for the last three years. Recent opportunities in leadership have also inspired him to do some additional studies in project Project Management. Outside academia, he is a tech nerd by hobby as well, and is always tinkering with his self-built computer. He is obsessed with Esports, especially competitive Rocket League. He runs UVU Esports as the Project Manager for the club, and is a player on one of the Rocket League teams.
Image of Jordan Perry
Jordan Perry
Role - Software Engineer
Jordan was born in Utah and lived most of his life in Aurora, Colorado. He has spent the last five years in Saratoga Springs, Utah and is now living in Orem as a student at UVU. He hopes to get a degree in Computer Science and his hobbies include enjoying the outdoors, hanging out with friends, and creating great things.
Image of Christopher Wilkinson
Christopher Wilkinson
Role - Software Engineer
Meet Christopher Wilkinson, a Full-Stack Computer Science student at Utah Valley University with a passion for Hawaiian culture, Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology, and writing cool code. Christopher blends his technical skills, love for healthcare, and creative expression to bring a unique perspective to his studies. He thinks that nothing is more important than family and places it at the forefront of all his endeavors.